The core competences of AMF are quite large: from design of your devices, up to the final mechanical testing. This also includes all the transformation steps, such as rolling, wire drawing (0.10 – 5 mm), shape setting, machining (EDM), grinding, polishing (tribological and electro-chemical).

Staple Workshop

Bending station for medical staples Thermal treatment station AMF

Bending station for small to mid – quantity series of staples

Thermal treatment station and functional testing equipment of the staples


Mechanical Workshop

Nitinol mechanical workshop at AMF

EDM cutting (associated to a high speed electrode EDM drilling) is the best solution for complex shape cutting of Nitinol flat products.

We have more than ten standard machining tools, both manually and NC controlled. All are dedicated to the Nitinol processing.

Melting & transformation workshop

The standard Nitinol alloys are sourced at ATI Wah Chang (US)

Nitinol transformation workshop includes:

  • 4 rolling mills
  • 1 drawing equipment (D = 0.1 à 5 mm)
  • 5 annealing furnances
  • 6 tribological polishing machines
  • 2 sand blasting stations